A website is one of the most important promotional tools a dental practice can have. The most common reason for creating a website is to advertise the services of the practice and to introduce the practice to the online public.

A website is available to view 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is an investment that has proven to be an economical way of marketing dental practices.

We follow a three step process for creating and producing a website:

1 - The design / consultation / design brief & contract / text, content and styling mock-ups / client approval

2 – The development / html framework / navigational flow / scripting / load & search optimisation

3 – The testing & publishing / multi-browser site verification / domain name registration or transfer / web hosting configuration

For new practice owners, our suggestion is design and publish (having secured your desired domain name) a single page online advert with information about the practice and services. This allows a developing practice to rapidly gain an online presence with desired communication links before commissioning cre8ivebite to design and develop a full website.

*** For flash animated websites, please call us for quotation. 
Photography of the practice, location and practice team or Video recording can be provided for extra cost.

After the design brief has been approved by the client, any additional changes will require an assessment of impact and an update to the design brief and / or contract, possibly incurring additional charges if the impact is significant.

Once the website delivering all aspects of the client approved design brief is tested and successfully published to the internet, the project will be considered finished. At that point any further changes will incur additional charges. 

Additional on-going maintenance can be discussed and arranged as part of the website contract that is developed with and signed by the client at project inception.Contact_design_for_dentists.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
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